California Cubs provides programs for both purchasers and sellers from single engine piston aircraft to turbine jets. Combining our industry sales methods and market knowledge with our extensive aviation experience and passion we have helped hundreds of clients over a decade create a smooth and enjoyable buying and selling experience.

Acquisition Services

  • Research and Purchase Options
    • Gathering all available aircraft on and off the market using our industry contact and customer database
    • View and study of maintenance records and logs
    • Visually inspect the aircraft
    • Demo the aircraft
    • Provide purchasing strategy based on the current market and sales methods
  • Document preparation, inspection and closing
    • Coordination of pre-purchase inspection(s)
    • Preparation of Agreements, registration documentation
    • Work with loan agencies on release of lien
    • Work closely with your bank on any financing requirements
    • Coordination of aircraft delivery
    • California Cubs can personally provide training in your new aircraft

Brokerage Services

  • Research and Valuation
    • Define your needs, selling requirements and timing goals
    • Provide an Aircraft Market Analysis Report of the current market conditions
    • Assess your aircraft's unique features versus the competition
    • Recommend an appropriate initial asking price
  • Marketing Campaign
    • Design a marketing brochure depicting your aircraft with photographs and a detailed equipment list. Outlining features, options and performance
    • Create a marketing schedule and advertising plan to feature your aircraft through online media and in the most widely read aviation media publications
    • Promote your aircraft through targeted online aviation websites, email campaigns, social media
    • Develop direct mail campaigns to target current aircraft owners who have historically upgraded or downsized to your specific
    • Produce monthly aircraft reports covering the market conditions, prospective buyers, and recommendations
  • Purchase agreement negotiations, inspections and closing
    • Follow up on all inquiries and conduct sales presentations with qualified buyers
    • Coordinate all viewings and demonstration flights
    • Communicate, advise and negotiate offers to purchase, Letters of Intent (LOI), Purchase and Sale Agreement and escrow structure
    • Review tax issues and other issues that may impact the aircraft sale
    • Identify and oversee technical and pre-purchase inspection
    • Negotiate discrepancy resolutions and initiate delivery events
    • Coordinate escrow closing, delivery, and ownership transfer

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